New Testament In a Year: June 21 – Acts 6


Acts 6
(1-7) Seven Chosen to Serve
Stephen was one of the seven who were chosen to help the widows and do other duties that the apostles were unable to do. We don’t know what Stephen was doing before he was chosen, but his availability shows that he was fully prepared for whatever tasks were given to him. He was ready to serve God by serving others.

(18-15) Stephen Is Seized
No doubt Stephen had heard about Peter and John being arrested, and about the persecution of some other believers. He knew that staying quietly in the background was safer than being out front and vocal about his faith. To do great signs and wonders in the name of Jesus was to put one self at risk of being imprisoned, beaten, or killed. Stephen knew that when he was chosen to serve he was allowing a bullseye to be put on his back. Yet, he chose to serve anyway. When he was seized and brought before the council, he went without fear because he was filled with the power and the courage of the Holy Spirit.

Favorite verse: (15) And gazing at him, all who sat in the council saw that his face was like the face of an angel.


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