New Testament In a Year: June 28 – Acts 9:22-43


Acts 9:22-43
(26-31) Saul in Jerusalem
Others may have doubted Saul’s conversion, but Saul did not. He knew that Christ had transformed his life. In a short amount of time, he increased in faith and boldly proclaimed the Gospel. His radical life change proved that Jesus was the Christ, and even the disciples soon came to trust and protect him. Instead of continuing to shun and doubt the man who once persecuted them, the early believers united around him in peace. As a result, the church was multiplied.

(32-35) The Healing of Aeneas
Peter and the other disciples never forgot where their power came from. It came from Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. Peter did not say to Aeneas, “I heal you.” He said, “Jesus Christ heals you.” There is still power in the name of Jesus to heal and save today.

(36-43) Dorcas Restored to Life
After healing Aeneas, Peter goes to Joppa and raises Dorcas from the dead. Even in this case, he relies on the power of Christ to perform a miracle by first praying and then saying, “Tabitha, arise.” The amazing works that Peter performed did not cause people to believe in him, but in the Lord.

Favorite verse: (34) And Peter said to him, “Aeneas, Jesus Christ heals you; rise and make your bed.” And immediately he rose.


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