Sarah Lackey: “Books for Friends” Creator


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Books for Friends was founded by Sarah Lackey. She became isolated as a result of being bullied in elementary school. Sarah took solace in reading. In fact, she became a voracious reader often devouring a book a day. She felt that her books were her friends since they were such a source of comfort. Sarah and her mother made weekly trips to the bookstore to select books. She recognized that she was fortunate to have access to as many books as she desired to read. Sarah began to contemplate what children without funds would do to obtain books.
While attending middle school in 2012, Sarah decided to launch her first Books for Friends book drive and she collected hundreds of gently used books. The books were donated to Promises2Kids in the San Diego region which focuses on helping children in need and at risk.

In 2013, Sarah ran another book drive and collected thousands of books and over $5,000 in donations. The Monarch School in San Diego, which educates homeless children grades kindergarten through high school, was the major recipient of the 2013 book drive.

As time passed, Sarah encountered more individuals, corporations, authors, schools and other community partners willing to make financial contributions. Consequently, Books for Friends incorporated and has been designated by the IRS as a 501(C)(3) status as a non-profit organization.

The core mission of Books for Friends is to make books available for children in need. Sarah is now in high school and it is her vision to provide all children in need with books and encourage broad dreams and goals as a result of reading. While Books for Friends started as a single book drive, it has now grown into an effort by many all over the country. To date, we have distributed over 250,000 books.

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