New Testament In a Year: July 25 – Acts 27:1-26


Acts 27:1-26
(1-12) Paul Sails for Rome
Even though he was a prisoner, God allowed Paul to find favor in the sight of centurion. He was treated kindly and allowed to go to his friends and be cared for.

(13-26) The Storm at Sea
Earlier, Paul had told the centurion, the pilot, and the owner of the ship, that they did not need to sail in the storm. They did not listen to Paul, and now they were stuck in a tempestuous northeaster wind and feared that death was near. In the midst of this discouraging time, Paul stood up and encouraged those around him to take heart. He assured them that no one would lose their life, because he had faith in God that everything would be exactly as God had told him. Paul was calm in the storm’s chaos because his faith was in his Creator, and he directed others to have faith in Him too.

Favorite verse: (25) So take heart, men, for I have faith in God that it will be exactly as I have been told.


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