New Testament In a Year: August 2 – Romans 6


Romans 6
(1-14) Dead to Sin, Alive to God
Because we are justified, should we continue sinning just to show how great our justification is? “By no means!” Paul emphatically exclaims. Being justified by faith through Christ is not license for us to sin more. Rather, it is license for us to do good. After believing in Jesus for salvation, we were buried by baptism into His death, and were raised from the dead to walk in newness of life.

As believers in Him and followers of His, being buried by baptism into the death of Christ signifies how we now share everything with Him. We share in Christ’s crucifixion, meaning that our former unsaved self and our old sin nature has been nailed to the cross. It no longer has power over us. It is dead. We are no longer enslaved to sin. We have been set free. We also share in Christ’s resurrection, meaning that our new nature has been given life. We are empowered to do what is right. Law does not have rule over us, but grace does. Because of this good news, we no longer have to use our bodies as instruments for unrighteousness, but can present our ourselves to God as instruments for righteousness.

(15-23) Slaves to Righteousness
Once again, does being under grace mean we should sin? Once again, Paul emphatically exclaims, “By no means!” We are no longer slaves to the cruel, tyrannical master of sin whose only reward is death. We are now willing slaves of righteousness. Unlike the shameful fruit of sin, the fruit of righteousness leads to sanctification and eternal life.

Favorite verse: (23) For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.


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