New Testament In a Year: August 3 – Romans 7


Romans 7
(1-6) Released from the Law
Because we have been justified by faith through Christ, we are no longer bound to the law. This does not mean we are released from obeying the law, but that we are released from punishment under the law

(7-25) The Law and Sin
Paul says that the law is not sin. It just cannot save a sinner who is condemned by it. What good is the law then? The law shows us our sin and our guilt. The law shows us that we deserve judgement. The law helps us recognize our need for a Savior. Paul uses himself as an example and points out that no matter how hard we try, we cannot do good on our own. The evil we do not want to do, we do; and the good we do want to do, we don’t do. Who can deliver us from this constant conundrum? Thanks be to God that the answer is found in Jesus Christ our Lord!

Favorite verse: (10) The very commandment that promised life proved to be death to me.


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