Women of the Word: Jesus’ Sisters


It might come as a surprise, but Jesus wasn’t an only child in His earthly family. He is the only begotten Son of God, but while growing up with Mary and Joseph, Jesus had several siblings. Matthew 13:55-56 and Mark 6:3 both make reference to Jesus’ brothers and sisters. His four brothers are mentioned by name, James, Joseph, Simon and Judas (no relation to Jesus’ disciples), but His sisters remain unnamed and unnumbered. We don’t know how many there were, what they were called, or anything else about them. What we do know is that these girls had a big brother who is the Savior of the world. And we have a few things in common with them because:

1. We too are Jesus’ sisters. Once, when Jesus was talking to a crowd, someone told Him, “Your mother and brothers are standing outside, wanting to speak to you.” Jesus replied, “Who is my mother, and who are my brothers?…whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.” As believers in Jesus the Christ, we must also obey Him. In obeying Him, we are doing the will of God. Those who do the will of God are considered by Christ to be a part of His Heavenly family that will last forever. Hebrews 2:11 says, “So now Jesus and the ones he makes holy have the same Father. That is why Jesus is not ashamed to call them his brothers and sisters.”

2. Jesus is also our brother and our Savior. What a paradox, you may say. Indeed, Christianity is full of such true, but self-contradictory statements. To find your life, you must lose it. To get more, you must give more. To be first, you must be last and servant of all. Jesus the Christ is David’s son, but also David’s Lord (Matthew 22:41-46). Jesus the Christ is our brother, but also our Father and our Savior. The union of Christ’s two natures, human and divine, is what makes Him so. Through His humanity, Christ is able to feel pain, sadness, joy, etc., just as we do. When He came to earth, He literally took our humanity on Himself; therefore, we share in the same blood and flesh and Christ is one with our humanity, just as He is one with God.

Since Jesus is the Son of God, we share the same Father and He is our Heavenly brother. Since Jesus is God, He is also our Savior and our Father.


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