New Testament In a Year: August 19 – 1 Corinthians 3


1 Corinthians 3
(1-23) Divisions in the Church
Paul condemns the Corinthian Christians for following human beings instead of following Christ. Some claim to follow Apollos, others claim to follow Paul, and still others claim to follow Cephas. When Christians follow anyone other than Christ, they make way for jealousy, strife and divisions to take place among them. Paul emphasizes that neither he nor Apollos have any power of their own. They simply plant the seed of the Gospel and water it, but it is God alone who gives the increase and causes it to grow.

The foundation of the individual Christian life and the collective Christian body is Christ. We must build on this strong foundation with good works that are as worthy as gold, silver, and precious stones. God will test our works and our faith, and if we build on Christ’s foundation with anything less than the best, our unacceptable works will be done away with just as fire burns wood, hay, and straw. Anyone who is built on the foundation of Christ, however, will be saved. If our work is unworthy, Christ will not do away with us; He will only do away with our works.

We should take care of our bodies and honor God with our lives, because we are the temple of God and His Holy Spirit lives in us.

We should not boast in ourselves. We should not boast in other people. We should only boast in Christ because we are His and He is our’s and God’s.

Favorite verse: (23) And you are Christ’s, and Christ is God’s.


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