New Testament In a Year: September 28 – Ephesians 2


Ephesians 2
(1-10) By Grace Through Faith
It is easy for those who have been Christians for any amount of time to forget that we were not always so. We were once dead in sin, following the way of the world and following the prince of the power of the air who is Satan. We were once disobedient, indifferent to God, and full of wrath. Paul reminds us that we were not the ones seeking salvation. We were not looking for God, but God was looking for us. Because of His rich mercy and His great love, He made a way for us to be saved even while we were still in sin. We did nothing to reunite ourselves in fellowship with God. No one can boast about their salvation because no one is saved by works; we are saved only by grace through faith.

(11-22) One in Christ
We were once separated from Christ, strangers to the promises that were made to God’s people, without hope, and without God. We were lost and on our own, but all of that has changed now because of Jesus the Christ. Through Christ’s blood, we have been brought near to Him. We are no longer far off from Him. A wall of division should no longer exist between Jews and Gentiles or between this Christian group and that Christian group. When Christ’s body was broken on the cross, He put an end to divisions and hostility. Instead of having two people groups – one that was far (the Gentiles) and one that was near (the Jews), Christ united these two into one. Now we both have access to God the Father through one Spirit. We are no longer strangers and aliens to God and one another, but we are citizens and saints and members of God’s heavenly family. God does not desire to dwell in two places. He has joined us into one structure, and is building us together to be a unified dwelling place for Him.

Favorite verse: (5) Even when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ—by grace you have been saved—

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