New Testament In a Year: October 3 – Ephesians 6


Ephesians 6
(1-4) Children and Parents
All of God’s commands are given to benefit us. Children are to obey their parents so they can enjoy a long and fruitful life. Parents are also to love and respect their children and raise them in the way of the Lord.

(5-9) Bondservants and Masters
Those who work for someone are to work as if they are working for the Lord. They are not only to work well when they are being watched by a boss or manager, but they are to work well even when no other people are around because God is always watching. Even if good work goes unnoticed by others, God takes note of it and will reward it. Those who have people working for them, must treat those they employ with respect, knowing that God is their Master too.

(10-20) The Whole Armor of God
The Christian life is not easy. Those who follow Jesus the Christ are constantly at war with Satan, but we do not fight him alone or in our own power. God has equipped us with armor that gives us His strength and fills us with His power to effectively fight, through prayer and the Word, against the darkness of the world. If we only put on one or two pieces of the whole armor of God, we should not be surprised when we fall. We can only stand when we make use of the whole armor of God.

Favorite verse: (20) Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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