New Testament In a Year: October 8 – Colossians 1


Colossians 1
(3-14) Thanksgiving and Prayer
Hope has been identified as an emotion, as a belief, and as an ideal. But hope is also a person – Jesus the Christ, just as Christ is truth and life. Further down in this chapter (verse 27), Christ is called the hope of glory. Because Christ is in Heaven, our hope is in Heaven. And because we have hope, we can have faith despite living in a faithless world and we can have love despite being surrounded by hate. Paul rejoices and is thankful to God that the Colossian Christians have faith and love in Christ.

The more our knowledge of God increases, the better we know God’s will and the more we are able to receive His spiritual wisdom and understanding. The knowledge of God gives us the power to walk in a way that is pleasing to Him and allows our good works to increase. The knowledge of God gives us the endurance, patience, and joy that we need to live the Christian life. We are no longer captured in Satan’s domain of darkness. We are free in the kingdom of God’s Son who has given us redemption and forgiven our sins.

(15-23) The Preeminence of Christ
Christ’s preeminence means that He surpasses all others and has superiority over all of creation. He is the perfect image of the invisible God. All things – whether they be in Heaven or on earth, whether they are invisible or visible, whether they are thrones or rulers – all things were created by Christ, through Christ, and for Christ. All things are after Christ. All things are held together in Christ. Christ is the beginning. Christ is the firstborn. Christ is filled with all the fullness of God, meaning all that is contained in God is also in Christ. Everything that God is, Christ is also, and He is nothing that God is not. In Christ, creation is reconciled to its Creator God. And the blood of Christ’s cross has allowed humanity and divinity to make peace with one another.

Favorite verse: (13) He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son.


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