New Testament In a Year: October 23 – 1 Timothy 4


1 Timothy 4
(1-5) Some Will Depart from the Faith
Satan works to deceive believers into turning away from the faith and following false teachers. Those who do this have seared consciences and engage in legalistic behavior instead of being free in Christ and enjoying things which God created to be received with thanksgiving. For those who continue to believe, they are able to experience as good all things which come from God, because they know the truth. The truth is that God created everything and everything created by God is good.

(6-16) A Good Servant of Christ Jesus
Spending time in God’s Word is important because it keeps us spiritually fit. Physical exercise is good, but spiritual exercise is better because it helps us in the present life and also lasts into eternity. Believers labor and strive in the work of the Gospel because our hope is set on God, who is alive and who is the Savior of all people.

The things that we know about our faith are things that we must teach and share with others. Our age should not deter us from doing this, and we should not let others intimidate us because we are young. Instead, we are to follow the example of Christ and set our own example of love, faith, and purity.

Favorite verse: (12) Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.


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