New Testament In a Year: October 26 – 2 Timothy 1


2 Timothy 1
(1-18) Guard the Deposit Entrusted to You
Lois was the grandmother of Timothy and Eunice was his mother. Both of these women had sincere faith in God and they passed that sincere faith onto their grandson and son. Paul is sure that this faith dwells in Timothy because Timothy took it and made it his own, which is something we all must do. The faith of our fathers and mothers and grandparents will never mean anything to us if we do not make that faith our own. In order for Christ to be real to us, we must believe in Him for ourselves. We must come to know God for ourselves. No one else can know Him for us.

Through faith, God has given each of us a spiritual gift. We must not be afraid to use this spiritual gift, but should use it with power and love.

Paul went through much suffering because of the Gospel which he faithfully preached, but he urged Timothy not to be ashamed of him and not to be ashamed of the testimony of Christ. Christ is no one to be ashamed of and His Gospel is nothing to be ashamed of, because Christ was not ashamed to die on the cross for us and for the entire world. We are not saved as a result of any works which we have done, but as a result of Christ’s own power and grace. Through the Gospel, Christ sent death into darkness and brought life and immortality to light.

Favorite verse: (10) And which now has been manifested through the appearing of our Savior Christ Jesus, who abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel.


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