New Testament In a Year: November 5 – Hebrews 3


Hebrews 3
(1-5) Jesus Greater Than Moses
Just as Jesus the Christ is greater than the angels, He is also greater than Moses and any other Biblical figure. Both Moses and Jesus were faithful to what God appointed them, but Jesus is worthy of much more glory because He actually built the house (Israel) while Moses was only a member of it. Moses was faithful in God’s house as a servant, but Jesus is faithful over God’s house as His Son.

(7-19) A Rest for the People of God
In the past, Israel sinned against God and hardened their hearts against Him. Even after He brought them out of the land of Egypt and performed all sorts of miracles for them, they still had hearts that went astray. Because of this, God decided that generation would not enter His rest. The same thing can happen to us. We must constantly remind ourselves of the Word of God and the works of God and regularly examine our hearts to make sure that unbelief has not filled it, because unbelief will eventually lead us away from God. An entire generation of Israel was unable to enter the promised land and God’s rest because unbelief led them to disobedience. When we refuse to believe God and His promises, we will not experience His blessings in our lives.

Favorite verse: (4) (For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God.)


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