New Testament In a Year: November 8 – Hebrews 6


Hebrews 6
As we continue in our walk with Christ, we are to leave behind the elementary foundation of Christ’s Gospel and grow into maturity and a deeper understanding of God and His Word. Our knowledge of God should be far deeper now than it was when we first received salvation.

Paul writes that there are some people who have come close to having faith in Christ. They have even shared in the Holy Spirit and experienced heavenly gifts, but they have not fully believed in God and given their hearts to Christ. These people have tasted God’s goodness and received His blessings, but instead of producing good fruit, they are only producing thorns and thistles – this shows that they are not truly saved.

(13-20) The Certainty of God’s Promise
When God made a promise to Abraham, Abraham had to wait patiently before he obtained the promise. Even though he had to wait a long time, God fulfilled His promise, even guaranteeing it with an oath. Because there is no one greater who He could swear by, God swore by Himself, showing that both His promises and His character are trustworthy and unchanging.

Because it is impossible for God to lie, we can be certain of the promises that He made to us in His Word. We may not obtain them immediately. We may have to wait patiently like Abraham did before we see them fulfilled, but we can be certain that He will fulfill them. Our hope is anchored up in Jesus the Christ who is now eternally present in Heaven.

Favorite verse: (20) Where Jesus has gone as a forerunner on our behalf, having become a high priest forever after the order of Melchizedek.


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