New Testament In a Year: November 18 – James 1


James 1
(2-18) Testing of Your Faith
The trials we go through in life are not meant to kill us, but to make us stronger. They are meant to increase our faith. If we endure trials and count them as joy, we will soon be made perfect in Christ and lack no good thing. It is wisdom that helps us understand that God is working on us, working in us, and working through us when trials come. If we do not yet have the wisdom to understand this, then we should ask God for it. He will gladly and generously give us wisdom if we ask for it in faith, without doubting.

If we do not waver under trial and if we withstand the tests that come our way, we will be blessed. Remaining faithful shows that we love God, and all those who love God will receive the crown of life. Trials and tests often come in the form of temptations, and while God allows us to be tempted, He is not the one tempting us. God cannot be tempted with evil and He cannot tempt anyone with evil. God is the ‘Father of lights’ and He only gives good and perfect gifts from above. He cannot give anything that contradicts His righteous character.

(19-27) Hearing and Doing the Word
We are not only to hear the Word of God. We are also to do the Word of God. This means that we are to strive after righteousness and rid our lives of all filthiness and wickedness. Through the Word of God, we should see ourselves as we really are – as if we were looking in a mirror – and then act on that Word.

If we have true religion, we will only speak godliness. We will also care for others such as orphans and widows, and keep ourselves unstained from the world.

Favorite verse: (17) Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.


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