New Testament In a Year: November 25 – 1 Peter 3


1 Peter 3
(1-7) Wives and Husbands
Another set of instructions are given here on how wives and husbands are to love and respect one another. But much of it can really be applied to relationships besides that of a married couple such as relationships between good friends, classmates, roommates, or the like. As Christians who follow Jesus the Christ and obey His Word, our conduct should reflect our faith. We should imitate Christ so when those who do not yet believe in Jesus see our conduct, they too may be won to Christ without us having to say much at all. Even in matters of faith, actions speak louder than words.

We all should be more concerned with making sure that our hearts are beautiful and adorned with gentleness and kindness. Our internal state matters more to God than our external state. We should live with others in understanding, and show honor to all people.

(8-22) Suffering for Righteousness’ Sake
Christ has called us to live abnormal lives. When we are angrily criticized, we do not respond in the same manner. When something evil is done to us, we do not repay that evil with evil. Instead, we bless. We refrain from speaking lies. We turn away from doing wrong. We seek good and pursue peace. God hears all prayers that are made to Him, but He is more inclined to answer the prayers of those who are living righteously. He is not for those who do evil.

Even if we do what is right, we will sometimes be treated wrong. This should not trouble us or cause us to fear. We should be sure of our faith and be able to explain why we do the good we do and why we love the way we love. There is no shame in suffering for doing good. There is no embarrassment in being reviled for having faith. Christ, the righteous, once suffered for us, the unrighteous, so that we could have salvation. He was put to death so that we could be brought to God. There is no shame in Christ’s death because He suffered for doing good, not evil, and it was the will of God.

Favorite verse: (11) Let him turn away from evil and do good; let him seek peace and pursue it.

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