New Testament In a Year: December 2 – 1 John 2


1 John 2
(1-6) Christ Our Advocate
As we read in 1 John 1 on yesterday, if we say that we have no sin then we lie and we are making God a liar. Everyone has sin; however, as believers in and followers of Jesus the Christ, we are no longer slaves to sin. We are sinful human beings, but once we allow Christ to take charge of our lives, we do not have to sin anymore. Stuart Scott said, “We can agree with what the gospel says about our sinfulness without becoming overwhelmed by guilt and shame. Further, we do not have to prove that we are victims rather than victimizers out of a desperate effort to persuade ourselves that we are righteous. We have Christ’s righteousness already. We can rest in this.”

If we do falter and fall into sin, we do not have to let that sin overwhelm us with guilt and shame as Scott said above. Neither do we have to try to prove that we are righteous. Christ has already taken care of both of these matters for us. He is the propitiation for our sins and He is our righteous advocate. We truly know God when we strive to keep His commandments and obey His Word. His love is perfected in us when we do this.

(7-14) The New Commandment
God’s command for us to love one another is not a totally new commandment. In the Old Testament (Leviticus 19:18), God was telling people back then to “love your neighbor as yourself.” However, it is new in that Jesus the Christ set the example for us to follow by how He loved when He was here on earth. We do not have to wonder how we ought to love others or when we ought to love others. We do not have to question how much or how little we should love others. We only have to look at Jesus the Christ. How does He love us? Unconditionally, unquestionably, and unreservedly. That is how we ought to love others.

(15-17) Do Not Love the World
While we are to love others who are in the world, we are not to love the world itself and all the things that it offers. If the love of God is truly in us, we will not have love for a place that is vapid and transitory. Our love will be for a place that is meaningful and eternal. This world will pass away, but those who do the will of God, will abide in Christ forever.

(18-27) Warning Concerning Antichrists
Most people have heard about the one antichrist who will come on the world scene during the end times, but many are not aware that there are already antichrists among us today. Based upon John’s words in this Scripture passage, an antichrist can basically be defined as anyone who denies that Jesus is the Christ and denies God as Father.

We have been taught the truth of who Christ is. There is no need for us to depart from truth to believe lies. Instead, let us abide in Christ and in the truth of Christ. To “abide” basically means “to remain,” so let us remain in Christ.

Favorite verse: (17) And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever.


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