New Testament In a Year: December 3 – 1 John 3


1 John 3
(1-10) John has much to say about love and rightfully so because God is love and everything that God does for us is done out of love. As a result of His love, we are called the children of God.

God sent His Son to take away all sin, and in Him there is no sin. Therefore, if we abide in Christ, we cannot keep on sinning. Because we are not perfect people, we may stumble and sin once or twice in our Christian life, but if we truly abide in Christ, we will not continue in sin. We will confess it as soon as possible and forsake it completely because no one who abides in Christ keeps on sinning. How can we know if we or if someone else is of God? By whether or not our behavior is righteous and by whether or not we love others.

(11-24) Love One Another
The message of loving one another is not a new one. God has wanted His creation to love, and not hate, since the beginning of time. If we do not love God and love others, we abide in death, and not in Christ. Christ is life and to love is to have life. We are never more alive than when we are loving others. To hate someone else is to invite death into your existence. John equates one who hates to one who has already committed murder as Cain did to his brother Abel. Hate and love, death and eternal darkness cannot abide in the same heart.

We know what love looks like. It looks like Christ laying down His life and dying on the cross for us. We ought to show this same type of love to others by opening our hearts to them and helping them if they are in need. If we do not do this, God’s love is not in us. Christ did not just talk about how much He loved us. He showed it. Similarly, we are not only to love in word or talk but through our actions and in truth.

Favorite verse: (18) Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.


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