New Testament In a Year: December 29 – Revelation 21


Revelation 21
(1-8) The New Heaven and the New Earth
God makes all things new. I like to think of this as the second creation. There is a new heaven and a new earth, an earth without any sea.

Just as God walked with Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden at the beginning of time, God will once again walk with His people except this time He and us will walk together for all of eternity. We will be together forever. There will be no serpent (Satan) sneaking into the new heaven or around the new earth to deceive us into disobeying God. God will dwell in perfect harmony with us. We will be His people. And He will be our God. His finger will wipe away all tears. Every pain will be replaced with His peace. And death shall have no dominion over God’s domain. The past will pass away. The future will be now.

(9-27) The New Jerusalem
The name of the holy city, Jerusalem, is taken from the word “shalem” [Jeru-shalem] which is derived from the same root as the word “shalom” which means peace. So, Jerusalem means “city of peace” or “abode of peace.” The current city of Jerusalem and none of the cities which are in existence today – from New York to Paris to Tokyo to Rio – can be described as cities of peace. But at the end of time, when God makes all things new, Jerusalem will be both a holy city and a city of peace – as all of heaven and all of earth will also be. The holy city of Jerusalem will be filled with the glory of God and have the radiance of a rare jewel.

In the holy city of Jerusalem there is no temple (or church/house of worship) because God and His Son, the Lamb (Jesus the Christ), are the temple. There is no sun because the glory of God is its light and Christ is its lamp. There is no moon because it is never night there.

Favorite verse: (4) He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”

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