Old Testament In a Year: January 2 – Genesis 4, 5, 6


Genesis 4, 5, 6
Focus Verse: Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him. – Genesis 5:24

When you walk with God, God will walk with you.

As you journey down the road of life with all its heavy burdens and heavy concerns, you do not have to walk alone. God will rise and He will walk with you. When the rain keeps falling and the sun refuses to shine, God will walk with you.

You and God. God and you. Walking together. Talking together. Laughing together. Listening to each other. Enjoying one another’s company. This is love and happiness and friendship. This is everything.

You know Him. He knows you and He calls you by your name.

You hear His voice. You share your heart with Him – your dreams, your goals, your hopes, your hurts, your fears, your failures, your pain. He does not judge, but listens and loves.

As you walk with God, your faith expands (moment by moment) and your trust increases (day by day). You see Him at work in everything. You see Him at work in you. Worry contracts (moment by moment) and doubt decreases (day by day).

Because you walk with God, you can walk anywhere. There is no place and no person who you fear.

All that you enjoy and experience, you enjoy and experience with God. You and God in perfect, peaceful harmony. You and God in such close proximity to one another that when the time comes for you to cross the threshold from your transient world into His eternal one, it is as if you were always there.


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