Old Testament In a Year: January 6 – Genesis 16, 17


Genesis 16, 17
Focus Verse: So she called the name of the Lord who spoke to her, “You are a God of seeing,” for she said, “Truly here I have seen him who looks after me.” – Genesis 16:13

Hagar was an Egyptian servant who was forced to have a child for a man who wasn’t her husband. Then she was hated by that man’s wife. So, she ran away. But God saw her – an insignificant, destitute, mistreated, and pregnant woman. God knew exactly who she was and where she was.

God sees where you have come from and where you are now and where you are going. He saw where you were yesterday. He sees where you are today and He already knows where you will be tomorrow.

He knows the trouble you’ve seen and the pain you’ve experienced.

He has heard your cry and listened to your affliction. He will answer you with words of comfort and an outstretched arm. He will look after you.

You may think that you are alone, but you are not alone.

In every broken heart, God is there.

God wants to get this through to you: I know how you feel. I taste the salt of your tears. You are not forgotten. You are not alone. All the hurtful words that have been said to you, I’ve heard. All the mistreatment others have inflicted on you, I’ve seen. There is never a moment that I do not notice you because I love you. You matter to Me.


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