Old Testament In a Year: January 8 – Genesis 20, 21, 22


Genesis 20, 21, 22
Focus Verse: The Lord visited Sarah as he had said, and the Lord did to Sarah as he had promised. – Genesis 21:1

Abraham and Sarah tried to fulfill God’s promise in their own way by having a son through Hagar. There were times they doubted and questioned what God said He would do. Sarah outright laughed at the preposterous idea that she would have a son in her old age. But God never laughed at them. He never doubted them. He never questioned them.

You may wander from God and look for a way to do the impossible on your own, but He will not wander from you. He wants to do the impossible with you.

You may at times doubt that God will do what He said He would do, but He will not doubt you. You may question God’s promises, but God will not question your potential.

My friend, with all your imperfections, God believes in you. With all the might and all the power and all the glory that is in His spirit, He has faith in you.

You cannot do anything so wrong to derail the predestined plan that God has for your life. Your lack of faith is not greater than His faithfulness. Wasted potential is not beyond being picked up by God and reshaped to accomplish His purpose.

Indeed, who would have said to Abraham that Sarah would birth a child in old age? No one, but God.

And who’s to say that you will do this amazing thing or do that extraordinary thing? No one, but God.

Never mind how long it takes and do not worry how it is done. What God said He would do for you, He will do. What He promised, He will fulfill.


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