Old Testament In a Year: January 10 – Job 3, 4


Job 3, 4
Focus Verse: “Why did I not die at birth, come out from the womb and expire? – Job 3:11

When assailed by difficult circumstances, you may wonder if your life is even worth living.

Why did God allow you to be born? Why is your birth-date even on the calendar? Death free from trouble appears more welcoming than life full of turmoil.

There was light instead of darkness and day instead of night because you were specially created by the hand of God. Your birth was not an accident. You are here for a reason.

Before the foundation of the world was laid down, God loved you and chose you. In the beginning, God dreamed about you. He determined the time you were born and the exact place in which you were born. Your worth to Him is not decreased by negative circumstances that you go through.

You matter. Not because of what you do or what you have, but because of the One who created you.

He will work out His plans for your life. Because He made you, He will not forget you. He will not abandon the fine work of His own hands.


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