Old Testament In a Year: January 13 – Job 11, 12, 13


Job 11, 12, 13
Focus Verse: Though he slay me, I will hope in him; yet I will argue my ways to his face. – Job 13:15

Hardships may increase. Pain may multiply. Sorrow may spread. So much so, you doubt you will survive. Yet, you will not lose hope in God.

You believe that God is good. Even when things are not good, you say that God is good. When all is wrong, you say that He is right. When injustice takes place, you say that He is just. Amid lies, you say that He is true.

Because you have a firm belief in His goodness, you are prepared to face any hardship. Even if suffering increases to the point of slaying you, you still hope in God.

Suffering can only slay your natural body. It cannot touch your spiritual body. It is limited to this present world; locked out of the future one. It has power over your transient body; but is powerless over your eternal body.

Therefore, you trust in God. Amid uncertainty and unrest, heartache and unhappiness, you remain still and wait on God. While you wait, you hope – not in yourself or some other being, but in God. In life, you hope in God. In death, you hope in God. Beyond death, you hope in God.

Blessing after blessing may fall away. Friends may leave. Health may fail. Yet, you do not lose trust in God. You are His and He is yours. You have confidence in Him that everything will be all right in the end.


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