Old Testament In a Year: January 17 – Job 22, 23, 24


Job 22, 23, 24
Focus Verse: For he will complete what he appoints for me, and many such things are in his mind. – Job 23:14

At times, God is silent. You do not see Him. You do not sense Him. You do not feel His hand at work in your life.

Instead of being near, it appears that He is far away.

You go forward, but God is not there. You turn around and go backward, but God cannot be found. You turn to the left. Nothing. You turn to the right. Nobody. Even when you turn to Heaven, you do not see Him.

But He sees you. He knows where you are going, the road on which you travel.

His silence is a test. Hold on to His hand even when you cannot feel His grip. Follow His steps even when they are faint. Treasure His words even when they do not glitter. Then, you will emerge from the test as pure as gold.

You will hear His voice again, and it will be all the more sweeter. You will feel His presence, and it will be all the more powerful. You will see Him, and it will be all the more glorious.

God made His decision a long time ago to answer your prayers, to understand your heart, and to pay attention to your tears. No one can change His mind about you now. He desires to love you, and so He does.

The purpose He has for you will be fulfilled. The plans He has appointed for you will be completed. The good work that He started in you will be finished.


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