Old Testament In a Year: January 18 – Job 25, 26, 27


Job 25, 26, 27
Focus Verse: He stretches out the north over the void and hangs the earth on nothing. – Job 26:7

What kind of God do you serve?

One who is mighty in power. One who’s majesty is unsearchable. One in whom is found all strength, wisdom, and knowledge.

He stretches the northern sky over empty space. He hangs the earth on nothing. What power!

He wraps water up in clouds. The clouds do not burst under the water’s weight. What strength!

He created the horizon on the oceans’ surface. It is a boundary between day and night, light and darkness. What wisdom!

Words alone fail to describe the full power of God. So, look around you. Look at the sky and the sea, the trees and the flowers, the mountains and the valleys. Look at the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Autumn, acorns. Awesome.

Bees, boulders, butterflies. Beauty.

Clouds, color, craters. Celestial.

Desert, dirt. Delight.

Earth, evergreens, earthquakes. Electrifying.

Fog, forests, floods. Fierce.

Glaciers, grasslands, gravity. Gorgeous.

Meteors, mountains, mushrooms. Magnificent.

Peaks, pines, and planets. Perfection.

Ridge, rivers, rocks. Resilient.

Shore, snow, streams. Stunning.

All of it is God’s majesty on display.

Then, take a look at yourself – intricately made, uniquely designed, beautifully put together. You too are God’s majesty on display.


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