Old Testament In a Year: January 24 – Job 38, 39, 40


Job 38, 39, 40
Focus Verse: “Shall a faultfinder contend with the Almighty? He who argues with God, let him answer it.” – Job 40:2

Something goes wrong in your life and you point an accusing finger at God. Blame Him. Doubt Him. Question Him.

The one who was made is ready to boss its Maker. The creature prepares to contend with its Creator.

But can you first answer His questions?

When the foundation of the earth was laid, were you there? When the morning stars sang, did you give them their song? When the sons of God shouted, were you the cause of their joy? Did you set the limits for the sea or make clouds to hold the rain? Did you create storehouses to hold the snow and the hail? Did you give birth to the ice or the frost or the dew? Can you guide the stars in the sky? Can you provide food for lions? Do ravens cry to you for help? Did you give the ostrich her swiftness or the horse his might? Is it because of you that hawks soar and eagles mount up?

No, to all of the above. No.

Only God can answer in the affirmative. So, do you still wish to boss Him? To contend with Him? To set Him in His place? To tell Him how He should run His world?

Drop your finger. Lay down your sword and your shield. Give your blame a rest. Let belief replace your doubt. Proceed no further with your questions until you are able to answer His.

Lay a hand on your mouth and stand in silence, in awe before God Almighty.


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