Old Testament In a Year: March 1 – Leviticus 13


Leviticus 13
Focus Verse: “When a man is afflicted with a leprous disease, he shall be brought to the priest, – Leviticus 13:9

As Israel was just getting started as a nation, its people went to the priest when they were afflicted with physical maladies and moral conflict. They went to the priest because the priest, through knowledge given by God, knew what to do. The priest knew how to instruct, treat, and guide the people.

Today, Jesus the Christ is your High Priest. He differs from the priests of old in that He can sympathize with your weaknesses, struggles, and failures. Every emotion you feel, He has also felt. Christ knows what it is like to experience poverty, betrayal, suffering, hardships, and grief. He understands what you’re going through. And He will not leave you to experience it alone.

You can go to Him with your problems and afflictions. He knows the answers to all questions and has the solution to any problem. He knows exactly what to do in every situation.


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