Old Testament In a Year: March 10 – Numbers 1, 2

Numbers 1, 2
Focus Verse: But the Levites were not listed along with them by their ancestral tribe. – Numbers 1:47

The Levites were specially appointed by God to be in charge of the tent of meeting. They were not more important than the other tribes. They just had an important job to do. Because of their God-given duties, the Levites could not do some of the same things that the other tribes could. They could not be listed along with the other tribes. They could not be counted in the census. They could not pitch their tents by their company and standard; they could only camp around the tabernacle. While members of the other tribes could come and go as they pleased, the Levites had to keep guard over the tabernacle. They were responsible for taking care of it, for carrying its furnishings when Israel traveled, and for setting it up, and taking it down.

While the men of the other tribes were counted to go to war, the Levites were not counted. They were set aside for priestly duty. They could not fight.

When God appoints you to do something important for Him, you will often not be able to do some of the same things that others do. You will have to be set apart. You will have to be different. While others have fun, you will have to work. While others focus on the things they want to do, you will have to focus on the things God wants you to do. Be faithful to the special work that God has chosen you to do for Him.


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