Old Testament In a Year: March 12 – Numbers 5, 6

Numbers 5, 6
Focus Verse: The Lord bless you and keep you. – Numbers 6:24

God extends His blessings to you. His blessings first come in the form of promises. Promises to protect you, to smile on you, and to show you His favor. Promises to forgive your sins, to meet your needs, to comfort you in your sorrows, and to prepare you for spending eternity with Him. Promises of goodness and grace, of faithfulness and fruitfulness, of friendship and kindness, of mercy and peace. Promises of yes and amen. Promises that will be fulfilled.

In My name, God says, I will bless you by giving you all good things in My good time – earthly, transient blessings, as well as heavenly, eternal blessings. In My name, I will keep you from evil and protect you from harm.

In the name of My Son, God says, I will shine upon you like the sun shines upon the earth and like the moon gleams upon a dark sea. In My light, you will grow to become more like Me, you will love and be loved, and you will be inwardly renewed day by day. In the name of My Son, you will always be shown divine grace; you will always have Someone to graciously intervene and intercede for you.

In the name of My Holy Spirit, God says, I will lift up My countenance upon you because your existence brings a smile to My face. I am well pleased that you are My own. In the name of My Holy Spirit, you will have peace. Peace from Me, peace with Me, peace with yourself, and peace with others.


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