Old Testament In a Year: March 22 – Numbers 31, 32, 33

Numbers 31, 32, 33
Focus Verse: The Lord spoke to Moses, saying, – Numbers 31:1

Throughout the book of Numbers, this phrase is repeated: The Lord spoke to Moses. God did not only speak to Moses as God to man, but as friend to friend. Exodus 33:11 says that He “would speak to Moses personally (face to face), as a man speaks to his friend.” God knew that when He spoke to Moses, Moses would listen. Moses would listen so well that he would be able to repeat what God said to others. Not only would Moses listen to what God said, but he would also do what God said.

There are several ways in which God can speak to you today, but He primarily uses His Holy Word to do so. When He speaks, can He count on you to listen? Or are you too busy to hear Him?

God can speak to anyone, at anytime, in anyplace, with anything. But you must be ready to hear.

Be quiet. Take time to tune in to what God is saying.


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