Old Testament In a Year: March 23 – Numbers 34, 35, 36

Numbers 34, 35, 36
Focus Verse: These six cities shall be for refuge for the people of Israel, and for the stranger and for the sojourner among them, that anyone who kills any person without intent may flee there. – Numbers 35:15

As Savior, Jesus the Christ is your city of refuge. He is divinely appointed by God to provide shelter for sinners and is open at all times, to receive all people. As there was always room in the cities of refuge, there is always room in Christ for you.

When Satan taunts you, calls you by your sin, and seeks to send you on a guilt trip, flee to Christ. Instead of facing condemnation, punishment, and wrath for your wrongdoing, you will find redemption, peace, and salvation. Through His death (the death of the High Priest), you are pardoned and forever set free.

The path leading to Christ is never blocked, the gate is never shut, and the door is never locked. It doesn’t matter what you have done, if you go to Christ, He will in no wise cast you out or turn you away.

Come to Me and find refuge, Christ says. Come to Me and find rest. Come to Me and find restoration. Whosoever will may come.


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