Good for Us

Why is Good Friday considered “good”?

Christ was betrayed by one disciple, denied by another, and deserted by the others. He was mocked and beaten, stripped and slapped, interrogated and jeered. He was declared innocent, but put to death anyway. The perfect became a sacrifice for the imperfect. He was forsaken by God, His Father. Body broken. Isolated and alone.

Why is this good?

For Jesus the Christ, nothing was good about the first Good Friday. But for us who choose to believe in Him everything was and remains good.

He was rejected by humans so we could be accepted by angels. He knew sorrow so we could know joy. He was acquainted with grief so we could be acquainted with gladness. He was smitten of God so we could be saved by God. He was afflicted so we could experience amazing grace. He was wounded so we could be healed. He left Heaven for a time so we could live there for all time. That was good.

Through His work on the cross, Christ had nothing to gain. But we had everything to gain. Everything that Christ did and allowed to be done to Him on the first Good Friday was done for our good. God gave His Son and His Son laid down His life because they loved us. That was good.

May we imitate our Savior and do good for others, even if we gain nothing from it, on Friday and everyday of our lives.


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