Old Testament In a Year: April 19 – Judges 13, 14, 15

Judges 13, 14, 15
Focus Verse: His father and mother did not know that it was from the Lord, for he was seeking an opportunity against the Philistines. At that time the Philistines ruled over Israel. – Judges 14:4

Because the Philistines were Israel’s enemies and heathens who did not believe in God, Samson’s parents did not understand why their son was so bent on marrying a Philistine woman. They wanted him to marry an Israelite woman; however, they did not know that God was using their son’s behavior to bring about something good. If Samson had not sought an opportunity against the Philistines, he would not have had the opportunity to destroy them.

You may not understand why God allows others to make wrong decisions or even why He allows you to make mistakes. But amid all the failings and wrongdoing of human beings, the purpose and plans of God are being accomplished. In that regard, every situation can be thought of as being from the Lord.


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