Old Testament In a Year: April 26 – 1 Samuel 10, 11, 12

1 Samuel 10, 11, 12
Focus Verse: Here I am; testify against me before the Lord and before his anointed. Whose ox have I taken? Or whose donkey have I taken? Or whom have I defrauded? Whom have I oppressed? Or from whose hand have I taken a bribe to blind my eyes with it? Testify against me and I will restore it to you. – 1 Samuel 12:3

In response to Samuel’s questions, there was not one person who could answer “you took my ox” or “you defrauded me.” No one had a bad word to say about Samuel’s treatment of them.

This is not to say that Samuel was perfect. But all the years that he served Israel as prophet and judge, Samuel did what was right before God and what was right before people. He treated others with respect, integrity, and honesty. He lived a life of character.

You will not be perfect either, but you can strive to do what is right. If you do, people will not have negative things to say about you. They will remember you for doing good, not evil; for loving, not hating; for kindness, not meanness; for justice, not partiality; for mercy, not judgment.


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