Old Testament In a Year: May 2 – 1 Samuel 22; Psalm 56

1 Samuel 22; Psalm 56
Focus Verse: You have kept count of my tossings; put my tears in your bottle. Are they not in your book? – Psalm 56:8

How deeply does God care about you? So deeply that He keeps count of your tossings. “Tossings” in this Scripture is interpreted to mean “wandering” – both mental and physical. God keeps count of the places that sadness and sorrow drives you to, just as He kept count of the places David was driven as he sought to escape from Saul. In times of trouble, God knows your inmost thoughts, your mental restlessness, and your mind’s misery.

It is no hard thing for Him to keep count of your mental and physical tossings, because in each moment and at each place, He is there with you.

And when you cry, God sees your tears. He collects and treasures them as if they were a precious perfume. He keeps track of what each tear was shed for, when it was shed, and why. They are ever before Him. You are ever on His mind.


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