Old Testament In a Year: May 17 – 2 Samuel 19, 20

2 Samuel 19, 20
Focus Verse: And the king said to Shimei, “You shall not die.” And the king gave him his oath. – 2 Samuel 19:23

When David was fleeing from Absalom, Shimei met him along the way and threw dust at him and cursed him. Now, after Absalom’s defeat, Shimei hurries to meet David as he returns to Jerusalem and begs him for forgiveness. David promptly forgives Shimei and promises that he will not be put to death for the mean way he treated him.

Shimei was not the only person David forgave in his life. It is unlikely that he would have been so great a king and so blessed by God if he had harbored bitterness in his heart at the way he was treated by Saul, by Michal, by Absalom, and others. David had many enemies and he forgave each of them. This is one reason why he was successful in all that he did.

How readily do you forgive those who treat you with disrespect and meanness? Do you take their hurt to heart? Do you hold it against them? If so, you are missing out on the many benefits that forgiveness brings. It has been said that when you refuse to forgive others, it is like drinking poison and hoping the one who offended you dies. Forgiving the one who hurts you, helps you more than it helps them. It sets you (the offended) free and releases the offender to God.

Whether the offense happened years ago or just a few days ago, make the decision to let it go immediately. Don’t delay. Forgive today.


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