Old Testament In a Year: June 7 – Psalms 139, 140, 141

Psalms 139, 140, 141
Focus Verse: Even there your hand shall lead me, and your right hand shall hold me. – Psalm 139:10

There is no place in Heaven or on earth where you can escape from the protection, providence, and guidance of God. When you do right, God will lead you and hold you. And when you do wrong and try to hide from God because of your wrongdoing, He will discover you – not only to punish you, but to take you under His loving care. Because though your behavior may change, God’s love for you does not. His treatment of you and thoughts toward you are never based on what you do, but on who He is.

Wherever you go, God will be there. You cannot yet see Him, but He can always see you.

This is good news to those who believe in God because they know with all certainty that they can never be removed from the presence of the Lord. Even in the most distant places of the world, God’s hand can touch you, His ear can hear you, His eye can see you, and His Spirit can move you.


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