Old Testament In a Year: July 17 – 2 Kings 17, 18

2 Kings 17, 18
Focus Verse: But they would not listen, but were stubborn, as their fathers had been, who did not believe in the Lord their God. – 2 Kings 17:14

Not listening to the Word of God and not obeying His commands is a sign that we do not believe in Him.

If to love Christ is to keep His commandments, then to believe in God is to listen to His Word and obey it. We cannot say we believe in God with our mouths, yet despise the laws and promises that He made us with our hearts. We cannot say we listen to God with our ears, yet lust after the world and fleshly desires with our eyes.

Our walk must reflect our talk. Our behaviour must match our beliefs. Who and what we follow must be evidence of our faith.

To believe is to obey.


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