Old Testament In a Year: July 18 – 2 Kings 19, 20, 21

2 Kings 19, 20, 21
Focus Verse: Then Hezekiah turned his face to the wall and prayed to the Lord, saying. – 2 Kings 20:2

When Hezekiah became sick and heard that he was going to die, what was his immediate response? It was not to ask questions or fall into a depression or give up hope altogether and not even attempt to talk to God. His immediate response was to pray to God, the same God who had told him ‘you shall die; you shall not recover.’

Hezekiah prayed and he cried. He asked God to remember his faithfulness and how he had done what was good in God’s sight.

Hezekiah’s prayer was an act of faith. God had already told him he wouldn’t recover from his sickness. God had already told him he would die. Hezekiah could have despaired. He could have thought: What good will praying to God do? It won’t get Him to change my situation. Yet, Hezekiah believed that prayer could change things. And it did. God heard his prayer. God saw his tears. And God healed him. What’s more? God added fifteen years to his life.

That is the power that prayer has. That is how faith in prayer, and faith in God, can change things.

Whenever you are faced with an impossible situation or given some difficult news, turn to God in prayer about it and request of Him what you need/want. Believe that He will hear you and answer you, just as He did Hezekiah.


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