Old Testament In a Year: July 21 – Psalms 1, 2, 10

Psalms 1, 2, 10
Focus Verse: Why, O Lord, do you stand far away? Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble? – Psalm 10:1

It is easy to find ourselves asking such questions of God when nothing seems to be going right in our life and He appears not to hear our voice

We ask for clarity, but receive chaos. We pray for a miracle, but are handed a mess. We request a blessing, but are given bad news instead.

God, where are You? we ask. Why are You so far away? Why are Your ears closed to my prayers? Why are You hiding Yourself when I need Your help?

In truth, God is never far away from us. He is always near. His ears are always open to our prayers. But God doesn’t always answer as quickly as we would like Him to or in the way that we think He should; and sometimes, He doesn’t answer at all. We shouldn’t mistake His silence for standoffishness or His refusal as revulsion of us. Through His silence, God often strengthens our faith and increases our love for His voice so that when we hear it again at last, it is all the more sweeter.


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