Old Testament In a Year: August 9 – Psalms 147, 148

Psalms 147, 148
Focus Verse: But the Lord takes pleasure in those who fear him, in those who hope in his steadfast love. – Psalm 147:11

Even though we know from Scripture that God looks at the heart, we still often place focus on our external appearances.

How we look. What we wear. The kind of car we drive. Where we live. How many likes, connects, fans, friends, and follows our social pages have. How many degrees we have. Who we appear with in public.

But God does not delight in the things that we delight in. He does not delight in the person who has strength and wealth, higher education and good health, elevated social status and hundreds of possessions.

God delights in the person who fears, loves, and respects Him. He takes pleasure in the person who hopes in Him. It is not the physical, material, and financial stuff we acquire in life that gets God’s attention. While that is all that other people may see; God sees past that and takes notice of that which is invisible to the human eye.

It is still the heart that grabs God’s attention; the soul that delights Him; and the mind that moves Him.


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