Old Testament In a Year: November 9 – Lamentations 3, 4, 5

Lamentations 3, 4, 5
Focus Verse: Though I call and cry for help, He shuts out my prayer. – Lamentations 3:8

There have been times in my Christian walk when I have felt like the writer of Lamentations.

When things do not work out the way I think they should work out or when things do not happen as fast as I would like them to, it seems as if God is repeatedly turning His hand against me. When a series of unfortunate events hits me, it seems as if God is determined to inflict me with bitterness and tribulation instead of peace and happiness. And when I cry out for help and call to be delivered, God does not seem to hear. I feel as if His ears are shut to my prayer, as if His eyes are closed to my pain.

The sound of God’s silence deprives my soul of peace, causes my endurance to fail.


When I remember that God is for me and not against me, then my hope is renewed.

When I remember that the love God has for me is steadfast and never ceases, then my strength is restored.

When I remember that the mercies of God are never-ending and are new every morning, then my faith is reignited.

When I remember that the faithfulness of God is great, then my joy is returned.


This becomes my prayer: Even when I cannot hear Your voice, God, I will wait for You. Even when I cannot trace Your hand, I will trust Your heart. I know You will not cast me off forever. You are my portion. Therefore, I hope in You.

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