Old Testament In a Year: November 10 – 2 Chronicles 36; Daniel 1, 2

2 Chronicles 36; Daniel 1, 2
Focus Verse: The thing that the king asks is difficult, and no one can show it to the king except the gods, whose dwelling is not with flesh. – Daniel 2:11

The Chaldeans were right about one thing. There was not a human being on earth who could do what King Nebuchadnezzar was asking and both tell his dream and its interpretation. It was difficult. It was impossible. Only God could do such a thing. Daniel recognized this, as well. The reason he could both tell King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and its interpretation and the Chaldeans could not was because Daniel personally knew God while the latter only knew about God.

Daniel believed that nothing was too difficult for God. He had faith that the things which were impossible with him were possible with God. He knew that all wisdom and might did not belong to Him, but to God. Because Daniel’s reliance was fully on his great God, he was able to reveal deep and hidden things and make known to the king his dream.

When our eyes are focused upward, difficult will be made easy for us.

When our voice is directed to Heaven, impossible will become possible for us.

When our faith is firmly rooted in God and our trust lies in His salvation, then He will give us His wisdom and might. The things others cannot do, we will do. And they will know…truly, our God is God of gods and Lord of kings.

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