Old Testament In a Year: November 15 – Psalm 137; Ezekiel 1, 2

Psalm 137; Ezekiel 1, 2
Focus Verse: How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land? – Psalm 137:4

A foreign land is not always a physical place. It can be a state of mind, a permanent feeling, or a passing event.

We may find ourselves in a foreign land of despair…of grief…of loneliness…of unbelief…of depression. None of this is familiar territory for the Christian, but that doesn’t mean we won’t sometimes find ourselves struggling through it.

It’s hard to sing “hope is rising” when you’re in the depths of despair.

It’s hard to sing “no more sorrow, no more pain” when your grief is fresh.

It’s hard to sing “Your love never fails” when your faith in God is ebbing away and unbelief is taking over.

It’s hard to sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land. Hard. But not impossible. Because the ultimate victory is already ours. Death, despair and depression have no sting. Grief and the grave have no power to hurt. The pain that we currently feel can’t compare to the joy that’s coming.

This is what we fix our eyes on. This is what we set our hearts on.

For the joy before us – CHRIST JESUS – we endure the burden of the cross, scorn the shame of the world, and persevere under pressure until we are by His side in glory.

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