Sarah Lackey: “Books for Friends” Creator


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Books for Friends was founded by Sarah Lackey. She became isolated as a result of being bullied in elementary school. Sarah took solace in reading. In fact, she became a voracious reader often devouring a book a day. She felt that her books were her friends since they were such a source of comfort. Sarah and her mother made weekly trips to the bookstore to select books. She recognized that she was fortunate to have access to as many books as she desired to read. Sarah began to contemplate what children without funds would do to obtain books. Continue reading

BFF Forever


We all know the true meaning of BFF, which is “best friends forever” or “best friends for life” but sometimes we fail to live up to those three important letters in our friendships. When the times are good we stick to each other like magnets and enjoy tons of fun adventures together. However when the times start getting difficult and we no longer see eye-to-eye we tend to breakup and stay away from each other for days on end without so much as saying “Hi.”

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Forever Friend


Imagine going through life without having the support and love of others. Think about how lonely it would be without having a shoulder to cry on when you feel sad, without having someone who can put an arm around you and comfort you, having no one with whom you can share all your jokes, secrets, fears, and dreams.

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Frenemies: My Friends Bully Others – What Should I Do?

When most people picture a “typical” bully, they imagine a boy who is bigger or older than his classmates, who doesn’t do well in school, who fights, and who likes it when others are scared of him. Girls usually face a different type of bully, one who may not look as scary from the outside but who can cause just as much harm.

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Cloudy Friendships – Dealing with Bad Breakups


Telling a friend you want to put an end to your relationship can be a difficult thing to do, especially when you want to do it without hurting their feelings. However it is sometimes necessary in life to move on from a friendship that has grown cold or a friendship that
is tearing you down and pushing you further away from Christ. But you do not have to be mean or awkward about it to someone you once called a friend.

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