Let Christ Be Your First Cosmetic


Sisters of Christ, your beauty is not defined by your shape, your weight, your complexion, or the fashionable clothes you cover yourselves in. It is not made complete by the makeup you cover your blemishes with, the muscle tone of your body or your lack thereof.

Is it defined by anything a mere mirror can reflect? No, it is not.

Your beauty is defined by your faith in Jesus Christ. By the love and kindness, stemmed from the Heavenly Father who made you. Your beauty comes from within, it comes from the wellspring of life, your heart. The more you saturate your heart in Christ, the more beautiful you become. You become radiant. You start reflecting the selfless image of Christ. That is beautiful.

-(via agirlchangingtheworld)

Beauty Is the Beast


Most of us strive to look our best everyday. We dress in fashionable clothes, powder and blush our faces, and style our hair until it bounces and shines. While there is certainly nothing wrong with that, we must be careful less our love for beauty turns into an ugly obsession.

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