Sarah Lackey: “Books for Friends” Creator


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Books for Friends was founded by Sarah Lackey. She became isolated as a result of being bullied in elementary school. Sarah took solace in reading. In fact, she became a voracious reader often devouring a book a day. She felt that her books were her friends since they were such a source of comfort. Sarah and her mother made weekly trips to the bookstore to select books. She recognized that she was fortunate to have access to as many books as she desired to read. Sarah began to contemplate what children without funds would do to obtain books. Continue reading

Anaya Lee Willabus: Reader, Author of “The Day Mohan Found His Confidence”


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Anaya Lee Willabus is an eight year old author and visionary who enjoys reading and playing sports. Anaya was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, where she resides with her parents and two siblings. At the age of two, Anaya was taught to read by her father. Thereafter, she began to memorize books, demonstrating an acutely photographic memory. Anaya immerses herself in reading books of all genres throughout the year. Continue reading

All That Is Wrong Is Normal


At the GREAT urging of my little sisters, I’m almost finished reading Rise of the Dibor – book one in Christopher Hopper’s White Lion Chronicles trilogy. So far, my favorite character is Hadrian.

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Do You Have the Heart of a Hobbit?


The Hobbit book and The Lord of the Rings trilogy by J. R. R. Tolkien are some of our favorite stories to read. They are like the greatest fantasy series ever written – EVER! All of the characters are memorable and even some of the not so good guys (like Gollum) are pretty unforgettable. Of course, the main race of creatures in the story are the Hobbits and throughout their adventurous journeys they can teach us a lot about perseverance, strength, friendship and a ton of other good traits.

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