OVERCOMING SELF INJURY: Finding Your True Beauty In Christ


In a media-controlled society filled with perfect looking people on TV, magazine covers, and the Internet many young girls struggle to accept themselves the way that God created them. In an effort to feel accepted by others or get a super skinny body, some girls injure themselves by starting dangerous habits such as anorexia, bulimia, or cutting. In the end, getting involved in these activities only hurts you and those around you who truly love you. Most of all, it hurts God because He made you unique and loves you exactly the way you are without you changing a thing.

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“What Was I Supposed to Do, Just Let Them Die?”

The full-length trailer for the all-new Superman movie, “Man of Steel”, is out and judging from the looks of it we think its going to be a pretty epic one to watch. The trailer shows Clark Kent aka Superman as a young boy grappling with how (and when) to use his superpowers.

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